Jane first traveled to Croatia in 1999 with her husband and three young children, fell in love with the country, and kept returning to visit. After eighteen years operating her restaurant in Lederach, PA, customers started asking when they would get to go along. So, Jane began organizing tours to Croatia for her restaurant regulars, and Niche Touring was born.



Gail, long-time friend and hostess at Jane’s restaurant, caught the Croatia bug after her first visit and regularly jumps in to lend her warm hospitality and supportive leadership to the Niche Touring team.



Jay is husband to Jane, though his discovery of Croatia actually came long before the two met. Following a teaching stint in Poland in 1976, Jay bought a motorcycle, rode south through former Yugoslavia, and never forgot its beauty. It was his fond memories of the region that first prompted the Ruth family to return. Decades (and many trips to Croatia) later, Jay joins Jane to help keep Niche Touring trips running smoothly.



We offer fully guided travel with complete services and itineraries. Our small group size offers an intimate setting, allowing for experiences not available to larger "cookie cutter" tour groups. Our tour package prices are transparent; we are up-front with costs so that nothing is hidden or unexpected. We strive to offer excellent value for your money, and to share our love of Croatia with you!

Our tours are designed for small groups of up to 16 people, providing flexibility within the framework of an organized tour. We feature a blend of unique accommodations, including small family owned hotels and private apartments.

When we travel, we like to go "off the beaten path." We'll take you to hidden places, not found on the usual tourist itinerary. Our tours emphasize the history, local food, and culture of each region, shared by the gracious Croatian people we meet along the way.



Recommended tour company of the Croatian National Tourist Board.

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Member of Association of Croatian Travel Agencies - UHPA